The Future of Music and Lighting
The Future of Music and Lighting

The Future of Music and Lighting

MaestroDMX is an autonomous lighting designer-in-a-box that listens to music and makes decisions like a professional lighting designer.


Control your lights like a Pro with MaestroDMX

Quick-and-easy setup

Spend minutes, not weeks, programming your light show

Designed for live performances

No pre-analysis of music or MIDI sync required

Hands-free, distraction-free

Focus on what's important: putting on a great show

Standalone hardware

Less technology = Less headaches

True intelligent lighting

MaestroDMX understands how music is structured

Unlock all your lights

MaestroDMX coordinates light shows across ALL of your fixtures

“Overall, we are excited by this — it’s an area our audience constantly tells us it is looking for help with, and MaestroDMX looks to simplify things even further than existing solutions.”

“Overall, we are excited by this — it’s an area our audience constantly tells us it is looking for help with, and MaestroDMX looks to simplify things even further than existing solutions.”


MaestroDMX: Lighting, simplified

MaestroDMX understands music like a human

Maestro closely tracks music events to inform lighting design, including:

  • Autonomous control of color, dimmers, movement, and effect changes based on the music.
  • Automatic relaxing of lighting during ‘no-music’ or spoken sections.
  • Easily override for fixture level control and static looks.

MaestroDMX works with all DMX controllable fixtures

Whether you own your lights – or are renting them for a one-off show – we got you covered.

  • All The Colors! R, G, B, W, A, UV.
  • All The Movement! Moving head and gobo support.
  • All The FX! Intelligently trigger presets for lasers, derbys, and special effects.

Customize your show with an easy-to-use web app

No need to download an app. Simply connect to MaestroDMX using a web browser on your phone, tablet, or PC. Connect wirelessly or with a hardwired connection via ethernet.

  • Build cues on a timeline and curated color palettes for the course of your event.
  • Define static, non-audio responsive looks for quieter moments.
  • Set and forget it or easily trigger cues with a laptop, phone, tablet, or MIDI controller.
MaestroDMX versus The Competition

MaestroDMX versus The Competition

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Sync across all light brands

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Set up in minutes

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Real-time intelligence

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Hands-free, autonomous lighting

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Standalone hardware

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No sync across different light brands

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Require hours of programming

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Songs need to be pre-analyzed

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Lighting effects need to be triggered

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Require a laptop or PC

Demo - DJ

Demo - Live Band

Input / Output

MaestroDMX setup


Testing maestro has made me excited about my lights again instead of just being a necessary evil that comes along with DJing

Ronnie Friend, MaestroDMX Beta Tester

As one of the beta testers and as a mobile wedding DJ, I can say that I have been having a blast with MaestroDMX. The results almost appear like a pre-programmed light show on some popular songs. This is far beyond any sound-active mode and beyond what I could accomplish with Sound Switch without hours of programming spent on each song.

Joseph Ivan Hayhoe, MaestroDMX Beta Tester

MaestroDMX is the answer to easily creating a light show that is synchronized with your music. It took me less than an hour to set up, enter my fixtures, and make small tweaks, to produce unlimited hours of synchronized lighting.

Robert Brady, MaestroDMX Beta Tester
A game changing technology for DJs, musicians, streamers, and music venues

A game changing technology for DJs, musicians, streamers, and music venues




How is this different from sound-active modes on existing DMX lights?

MaestroDMX is an intelligent lighting system that understands how music is structured and creates lighting designs that are not just based on the loudest sound in the music. In addition, MaestroDMX creates synchronized light shows across all of your lighting fixtures. Built-in sound-active effects in light fixtures are standalone and do not communicate with other fixtures or only with fixtures made by the same company, e.g., Chauvet.

How is MaestroDMX different from Soundswitch or Rekordbox?

MaestroDMX works in real-time from an audio feed, needing no PC-based software, pre-analysis of the music, or complicated setup. Soundswitch and Rekordbox require difficult-to-learn software and a predetermined tempo or beat grid to function.

As a DJ, I use a Denon/Pioneer/Serato Controller for my music. How will this connect to my controller during events?

Connect an audio output from your DJ controller to MaestroDMX’s RCA audio input. If you don’t have an extra audio output, you can pick up an audio splitter and RCA adapter from your local music store or order them online.

As a Musician, how do I get audio into MaestroDMX?

For musicians, there are many ways to feed live audio into MaestroDMX. If you use a mixing board, you can run an audio output directly from the board into MaestroDMX’s RCA audio input. MaestroDMX works best with a direct audio feed from a mixer. MaestroDMX doesn't require a balanced audio feed, but if want one you can connect a third-party USB audio interface with balanced XLR to MaestroDMX.

I need to trigger different looks and feels for weddings and corporate events throughout the night. How will this work with MaestroDMX?

Yes, it is easy to set up different cues in MaestroDMX. Each cue can be a music-reactive cue or a static look. You can add subtle motion effects to the static cues if desired, e.g., slow fades or pulsing.

How many lights can I control with MaestroDMX?

MaestroDMX can control one Universe of DMX lights, or 512 channels. A future release will give the option to output multiple Universes over ArtNet.

Do you provide software updates?

Yes! We will continue to improve MaestroDMX and offer upgrades via free software updates.

Does MaestroDMX work with wireless DMX?

Yes, MaestroDMX is compatible with any wireless DMX system.

Will MaestroDMX work with moving head fixtures?

Yes! MaestroDMX autonomously controls PAN and TILT channels of any fixture. You can also define multiple pan/tilt positions, set centre points, and ranges of motion. The pre-defined positions are automatically triggered based on events in the music.

Does MaestroDMX include a DMX fixture library?

Yes! MaestroDMX will ship with a fixture library featuring the most popular DMX fixtures. You can also manually add any fixtures that aren’t in the library. We will continue to add new fixtures to the library in regular free updates.

Does MaestroDMX support fixture groups?

Yes, currently MaestroDMX has 3 fixtures groups: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Due to customer request we will be adding more groups in the future!

How long is the warranty for MaestroDMX?



When will my order ship?

Orders ship within 24 hours when in stock. Shipping times depend on courier service selected.

Can I return an item if I'm dissatisfied?

MaestroDMX has a 30-day money back guarantee.